Miroir, Miroir

Exposition Collective October - November 2023
Jiayi Lao, Sofia Eriksson, Evert Nijland, Esther Heite, Jiro Kamata, Adi Toch, Florian Weichsberger, Gabriela Marcos, Herman Hermsen, Marine Dominiczak.

Miroir, miroir une exposition de la galerie Hectare, crédit studio des formes

Mirror, mirror, who am I?
Does my reflection reveal something about my spirit?

Since the dawn of time, I’ve been looking for my image, water has been the first place to reveal it and Narcissus, too much in love with his reflection, got lost in it.

The ten artists we are presenting to you explore the idea of the gaze, but also that of the “mirror” as a support. Fluidity, optical illusion, object outline, alteration, so many approaches that both flatter and disturb our ego. In the age of the selfie which freezes the moment, these jewels and objects create new images by distorting reality or sublimating it, playing with the perception of the wearer and of the one who looks at himself. They evoke the immateriality of a reflection in constant motion.

Exhibition open from 04 October to 15 November, Wednesday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm.
Opening on Thursday 05 October.