Foam & Fuel

Exhibition - Brussels Jewellery WeekApril - May 2022
Danni Schwaag - Nelly Van Oost

An encounter between two artists who exhibit objects/jewellery and whose plastic language approaches a vision of sensuality.

Nelly Van Oost “reflects on the enjoyment of life, the pleasure of the flesh through these pieces of fruit and vegetables that compose the series FUEL”. However, all enjoyment has its downside; if food is our fuel, overproduction dooms our world to an inevitable end.  The still lifes of the 18th century played on the same ambiguity between the representation of voluptuousness and a view on our finitude. 

Danni Schwaag works directly on the concept of touch. Mother-of-pearl is her favourite element. She plays with the shimmer of mother-of-pearl, which she contrasts with the inertia of other materials such as galalith.

In her series FOAM her research on the Internet led her to question the receptacle/content/decorative object/usual object represented by the shell and the soap. She ends up working their surface in a similar way. By confronting the mother-of-pearl object with the substance of the soap, she transcends the latter into a pearly and sacred material.  

From Danni to Nelly, from Foam to Fuel, two approaches with diametrically opposed sensualities. These are the approaches that the two artists explore, through which feeling alive is an art in itself.

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