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Hectare Galerie
86 Rue Faider
1050 Bruxelles
Open from Wednesday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm or by appointment
+32 (0) 2 640 72 53

Who is hiding behind Hectare?

Formerly called Sabine Herman after its creator, the gallery changed its name in 2021 and became Hectare. Let us introduce ourselves: we are Chloé Noyon and Lou Sautreau and we are embarking on an adventure. Both jewellers, we are happy to make you discover and share what drives us: design. After having worked there for several years respectively, we have taken up the torch of this reference site in Brussels, together with Sabine Herman. Several times a year we also organize thematic exhibitions; it’s the opportunity to discover our location in a different way.

After having studied textile design and jewellery, I try to combine know-how and conceptual research in my work pursuing the aim to associate precious materials and synthetic materials.
The piece of jewellery needs to be seen, I like when it arouses curiosity and when it leads to a dialogue and an encounter. My pieces of jewellery are moving, changing and colourful. The concepts of tension, balance and space are key to me.

Lou Sautreau

Jewellery making is the journey I have chosen to take.  It is neither a matter of beauty nor fashion, but a personal journey that follows its path. It means keeping that spark of life and curiosity for the material that is being shaped. It also signifies to take a sharp look at the hammer that strikes, the fire that welds, the hands that are damaged.
Jewellery is a sculpture that accompanies its wearer. It underlines voids, accompanies movement and speaks of one’s being from day to day. It stands for liberty and personality.

Chloé Noyon

I let the materials guide me and like to express myself through them. Present day and timeless shapes, my jewellery draws its strength from its simplicity. The thought guides the hand that creates the piece of jewellery. As if caught in a perpetuum mobile, each idea leads to another idea. It’s a constant pursuit to materialize my ideas and bring them to life.

Sabine Herman


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