Boîte avec couvercle

Group exhibitionSeptember - October 2021
Thanh Truc Nguyen - Edu Tarin - Angela Bermudez - Charlotte Vanhoubroeck
Annie Sibert - Takayoshi Terajima - Christophe Straube - Junwon Jung
Anne goy - Patricia Dominguez Sabine Herman - Diederick van Hovell - Mylène Auquiere
Aurore de Heusch - Claire Lavendhomme - Lou Sautreau - Chloé Noyon - Isabelle Carpentier

In October 2020, a first edition of the ‘Boîte avec couvercle’ [‘Box with lid’] exhibition, which looked at how jewels interact with their receptacles, was a major success at the Galerie Samagra during the series of jewel events in Paris, known as the ‘Parcours bijoux’.

Joya Brussels (Aurore de Heusch) and Hectare Galerie (Chloé Noyon et Lou Sautreau) have joined forces in a follow-up of this project. They are inviting you to see the original exhibition at Joya Brussels and a second edition of it at Hectare Galerie. Come and discover 18 Belgian and international artists invited for the occasion.

In their work, everyone questions the concept of material used to show off jewellery. It is a transition between the world outside and the world inside that can be observed in sculptured rings and pendants containing your dearest wishes, brooches to be opened etc. From Charlotte Vanhoubroeck’s sentimental jewellery to Thanh Truc Nguyen’s architectural jewellery, the worlds interweave with a poetic language of their own.

  • Charlotte Vanhoubroeck, collier, boîte, argent plume, photo, Simon Debbaut
  • Boite-avec-couvercle_photo-lou-sautreau-web-2
  • Chloé Noyon_Boîte avec couvercle_Wo, broche, argent et perles_web photo lou sautreau(1)
  • Thanh Truc Nguyen broche, photo artiste
  • Christophe Straube, collier email, photo christauph straube
  • Claire Lavendhomme_Boîte avec couvercle_Broche argent, pigment, Web photo lou sautreau(3)
  • Edu tarin, collier turquoise agathe, photo Edu Tarin
  • Aurore de Heusch Broche _Bijoux invisibles_ - cuivre, argent, acier, acrylique - 2
  • Isabelle Carpentier_Boîte avec couvercle_Jeu de formes, broche, argent, laiton et micromosaïque_web photo lou sautreau (2)
  • Lou Sautreau_Boîte avec couvercle_ Collier, laiton, laque photo lou sautreau (2)
  • angela bernudez broches petit voyage