Current exhibition - Bestiaire Star

Jusqu’à tutoyer l’étrange.25/04 - 15/06/2024
Benedikt Fischer, Lore Langendries, Märta Mattsson, Miriam Arentz, Monika Brugger, Vivienne Varay

Exhibition open from 25 April to 15 June 2024, Wednesday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm. Opening on 26 April from 6.30pm.
Talk by the artist Märta Mattsson on 25 April at 2pm.
Hectare’s Bestiaire Star exhibition is part of the Be.Tour of the second edition of Brussels Jewellery Week. This festival highlights contemporary jewellery and brings together 15 Brussels and international galleries.

The animal kingdom has long inspired the visual arts and elements of adornment alike. True to their philosophy of wearable contemporary jewellery and also motivated by a certain sense of humour and offbeat approach, the gallerists at Hectare have selected six artists from home and abroad to shine a spotlight on fauna. Bestiaire Star ventures into unsettling, surprising and enticing territories populated by hybrid creatures.

The creations of Miriam Arentz, Monika Brugger, Benedikt Fischer, Lore Langendries, Märta Mattsson and Vivienne Varay play with attraction and repulsion without sidestepping the issue of the materials used: imitated or real, reinvented or recycled.

The bestiary – a set of images collected for educational purposes – is transformed here into a cabinet of curiosities in which the ordinary is adorned with the precious, the object becomes a story, and distorted familiarity is bold enough to be on intimate terms with the strange.