Angela Hübel

A designer who is a must in the world of jewellery and who has been copied so many times, offers us real little sculptures in which the hand becomes the base. She explores the anatomy to upset and turn our habits upside down and surprise us. A certain strength emerges from her rings matching with the emotion they evoke.

Andrea Borst

Andrea Borst, who lives and works in Munich, creates delicate pearls in subtle shades of colour by using a bundle of lamps (torches). Depending on the shape, depending on the light that diffuses through it, the jewel becomes water, mineral or plant, always with endless poetry.


Legend has it that Enrike Majoral began creating his jewellery in the 1970s on the street. He is now established near Barcelona, on the island of Formentera. In his work, research and precious metals interact with the vegetation that surrounds him. Jewellery that is as much an invitation to daydreaming as to the effervescence of a Mediterranean summer evening.

Kana Umeda

The jewellery of the Japanese designer Kana Umeda evokes a light rain of glass with a crystalline sound. Under the brand name _cthruit [see through it], she creates jewellery in minimalist and contemporary shapes that are pierced by light. In constant research, from Kanazawa (Japan) to Brussels, she explores and crafts her medium like a goldsmith shapes metal.

Anna Vlahos

“Alabas Meander”, “Leky vessels”, “Little forest”, these are the names of Anna Vlahos’ collections, a trip between Australia and Greece, her current country of residence. This artist offers us vegetal lace in white and oxidized silver, available in the form of earrings, necklaces, rings, and as goldsmith’s work: amulets, to be worn or displayed.

Tania Clarke Hall

Tania Clark Hall is a Londoner. She revisits leatherwork. From her workshop and her hands comes out light jewellery, with the smell of leather as in the past, but resolutely part of our era.  At the crossroads of cultures, she draws a line, colourful and strong.

Audrey Ickx

“The feeling is a very present source of inspiration in my work. An infinite search to try to get closer and to translate a moment, an instant, a feeling. Something impalpable, stealthy, that we would like to grasp but that slips away from us. Like a stain on the iris that one tries in vain to look in the face. ‘Schieve’ is a collection of unisex jewellery with a minimalist design.” Audrey Ickx

Esther Heite

“Tout comme une sculptrice, je cherche un moyen de transposer mes réflexions et mes observations au travers de la matière. Je m’aide de croquis et de maquettes, je créer mes propres outils et développe mes propres techniques afin de générer une nouvelle esthétique. J’essaie de créer des choses qui touche l’âme en brisant les règles et les limites de ce qui est commun. Depuis mon projet de fin d’études, je travaille principalement avec de l’acier inoxydable et la soudure fine. Plutôt que d’essayer de dissimuler les points de soudure, ils sont devenus un élément central de ma création de bijoux.” Esther Heite

Claire Lavendhomme

Claire Lavendhomme is an artist creator of contemporary jewellery, objects and drawings. Since 1997 she organizes artistic meetings (plastic arts, cinema, conferences, lectures, music). Teacher in the broader context of fine arts, she is responsible for numerous training courses and workshops (jewellery, resin, artistic research) and participates in many exhibitions in Belgium and throughout the world since 1989.


Nathalie Tisserand

A slight tinkle accompanies the movement of her jewellery, like the ruffle of a taffeta dress, a light breeze that blows a cascade of colours to the ear. The creations of Nathalie Tisserand, whose workshop is located in Dordogne, France, take us back to the 1920s but are resolutely of our time.